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Dear interested friends,

I am forwarding below a mail by Secretary, NITDAA which is self explanatory.


Krishnendu Dasgupta ( 76ME81 )

Mob. 983 006 1234

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Sent: 13 April 2017 17:04
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Subject: [nitdaa_kolkata] NITDAA’s Stand on Distress condition of Alumni Member

Dear Alumnus,

A lot of query by the Alumnus from different part of the country on the captioned subject.

On this score, I would like to intimate  that the NITDAA has always been sympathetic and supportive to ex-students in distress / illness. In this regard, a policy has been discussed and finalised during the Apex committee meeting held on Sunday, April 9,2017.

The basic framework is now underlined below for your information, record and onward action:

1. So far, 52 Batches have graduated from RECD/NITD. NITDAA will rely on the batch- mates, on whose recommendations, the whole process will start and continue.

2. Any batch mate or alumni(being referred to as Co-ordinator) close to the affected person will have to take initiative / leadership.

3. He will carry out the fact finding exercise to find out the details of the distress or ailment and the specific support that is required to be rendered.

4. Co-ordinator has to find out the financial capability / net worth / Company medical support or Mediclaim facility available with the individual. Documentary evidences may be verified and then made available to donors on demand to check authenticity.

5. To prepare a Budgeted expenditure and to find out the shortfall amount, to be raised through donation.

6. Whether any other supports, like contacts in Medical fraternity, etc. are required.

7. Once the amount of donation is decided by the Co-ordinator, in consultation with NITDAA Apex committee, an appeal will be made by NITDAA to all alumni members to pledge an amount for donation. The Co-ordinator will tally the requirement and pledged amount. NITDAA Apex committee, in consultation with the Co-ordinator will then spread the message of appeal.

8. The beneficiary will then be requested to intimate the Bank Account details to Co-ordinator/NITDAA, who, in turn, will appeal to alumni to donate to that Account with an intimation to the Co-ordinator.

9. The above framework is subject to review / change based on experiences gained in the process.


Tarun Kr. Dutta

Secretary, NITDAA

N.B. : Krishnendu, as discussed, please circulate the same to the members as maximum as possible.

Report of 15th Global meet by President NITDAA PDF Print E-mail

A Report on 15th Global Meet of NITDAA

Dear fellow Alumni members,

I take great pleasure in welcoming you all to the 15th Global Meet of NITDAA. The excitement of being back to my beloved alma mater coupled with the present company of my exulted fellow alumni cutting across batches has infused me with new enthusiasm.

This year, the Apex committee has decided to drift slightly from the earlier practice – involvement of NITD authorities, faculty, present students have been emphasised. This year, NITDAA has taken initiative to invite 1987-91batch to celebrate their Silver Jubilee on Saturday, 7th January, 2017.  Some 60 Alumni members from that batch along with their family members from all over the Globe converged to our beloved alma mater for participating at the two and half day programme. There was a cultural Programme in the evening at Durgapur House Annexe, which was enjoyed by everyone present.

The following day saw the 15th Global Meet of NITDAA and Golden Jubilee celebration of 1967 Graduatingbatch. The day started with registration of members. This year a large number of Faculty members joined the programme.   Many of them joined NITDAA as Life Members. Alumni members from across the Globe converged to attend the Global meet.

The programme started after paying respect to the departed souls of the Faculty, Staff, student and Alumni members by observing a minute’s silence.

Thereafter, the ceremonial lamp was lit by Prof. Asok De, Director, Dr Parthapratim Gupta, Dean (Alumni, International Relations & Outreach), Sri Santi Ranjan Sarkar, President and Sri Mrinal Kanti Pal, Secretary.

Prof. Asok De, Director then addressed the august gathering. He emphasized the need to work in close co-operation with NITDAA. He appreciated the re-launching of the lecture series – ‘Beyond the Walls’ since last August, where a number of distinguished alumni members both from academia and industries shared their knowledge and wisdom with the present students. The leading role taken by NITDAA in taking forward the cause of PAN – NIT has also been lauded by the Director.

The Director informed the august audience that the Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterpriseshas selected National Institute of Technology Durgapur for a Centre of Excellence for "Enhancement of Competitiveness in the Indian Capital Goods Sector". He applauded thatNITDAA is working in close association with the Institute to achieve the goal. He acknowledged that NITDAA is coming forward to financially help present students in foreign internship, in payment of Semester fees, etc. but expects more alumni members to come forward to help strengthen NITDAA so that areas of co-operation may extend to providing Internship, job opportunities to the present students.

This year, NITDAA has taken initiative to invite 1967 Graduating batch to celebrate their Golden Jubilee on Sunday, 8th January, 2017. Not many participants could attend the programme for some last minute illness, etc. However, the members present were overwhelmed by the love and respect  showered on them. Sri Ashok Manaktala in his address promised to donate Rs.2,50,000.00 for awarding Scholarship to the present students. They were presented with Mementoes, with names of each participants engraved on it. They have promised to attend the Global meet even next time.

The next programme was felicitation of respected Professors, now retired, who have nurtured and groomed us as successful engineers. Prof. Debashish Roy Chowdhury of Humanities Dept., Prof. S.C.Sikder of Mathematics Dept. and Prof. Bimalendu Ghosh of Civil Engineering Dept. were felicitated by Sri Santi Ranjan Sarkar, Sri Biswanath Bhattacharya and Sri Mrinal Kanti Pal respectively.

Sri Santi Ranjan Sarkar, President then addressed the august gathering – explained the Aims & objectives of NITDAA, how it can work alongside the Institute to take it to a greater height. He expressed his satisfaction that Dean & Associate Deans(AIRO) have been appointed by the Institute, who are working relentlessly to forge a great bond between the Institute and the Alumni Association. He then highlighted the steps taken by NITDAA during the year :

1. Formation of Faculty – Alumni Committee and Students’ Alumni Committee :

a. A Committee for Interaction with Alumni comprising one faculty member from each Department and a student representative of ‘Students’ Gymkhana’ and

b. A Students’ Alumni Committee comprising representatives from all Departments – B. Tech, M. Tech & PhD students with Associate Dean as faculty Advisor.

2. “Beyond the Walls” Lecture series :

While helping individual student or alumni is one side of the game, another very important task is to help the Institute grow professionally and achieve excellence and reach top of the ladder to become best Institute in the country.

As part of that NITDAA has re-launched the above lecture series - by distinguished alumni members from Industry and academia. We have many alumni members who are doing exceedingly well in academia, research, industries, entrepreneurship and other areas. In line with our objective of giving back to our beloved alma mater, we like to share knowledge and wisdom of these eminent alumni members with the students and faculty. Already Prof. Kamanio Chattopadhyay, Prof. Bikramjit Basu, both recipients of prestigious Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar Award, Prof Dibakar Sen, IISc, Prof. Alak Bandyopadhya, Department of Computer Science, Alabama A & M University, USA spoke on technical subjects while Sri Simanta Ray Chaudhuri delved on Soft Skill developments. These were highly appreciated by the students and faculties alike.

Initially, the lecture series is being delivered in person. We may plan this lecture through conferencing so that we may induct people particularly from abroad or faraway places.

3.         PAN NIT Alumni Forum :

An initiative has been taken by the Alumni Associations of various NITs to form a PAN NIT Alumni Forum. Meetings were held at NIT, Warrangal, Kurukshetra, Jaipur, Delhi, etc. during April, August, 2015 and January, March, 2016 respectively. An Ad-hoc Committee has been formed, with President, Secretary, Treasurer and five Vice Presidents, one from Each Zone and two Members. Sri Simanta Ray Chaudhuri, founder Secretary & Past President of NITDAA has been selected as V.P. (East Zone). It has been decided that a General Body of Members will be formed where each NIT will be represented by three members, two as Alumni Association representative and one as Director’s nominee. From NITD, Sri Simanta  Ray Chaudhuri and Sri Santi Ranjan Sarkar have been selected while Prof. Indrajit Basak has been nominated by the Director. Its basic Aims & Objectives have been finalized. It has been registered as a Society in New Delhi. It will be launched in New Delhi shortly. Already, as a result of interaction with various NITs, we came to learn about the developments taking place in other NITs and we may utilize them to take our NITD to a greater height.

4.     Conversion of Pass-out batch of 2016 as Life Member :

It has been suggested during March 2016 to the NITD Authorities that like some other NITs, we may introduce Alumni fee of Rs.2,000.00 for the Final year students, payable during 7th Semester. NITDAA, in turn, will enroll them as Life Member. After taking concurrence of Students’ Gymkhana, this will be placed before the BoG meeting and the same will be started. As the time did not permit, it was decided that they will, through an undertaking, authorize NITD to transfer their respective Caution Money deposit of Rs.1,000.00 to NITDAA against issue of Life Membership. A total of 453 students could be converted to Life Member through transfer of Caution Money deposit this year.

As the Alumni fees could not be introduced this year for various reasons, the same benefit has been extended for the 2017 graduating batch. However, steps will be taken to introduce the Alumni fees.

5.    Workshop on Entrepreneurship and Innovation :

During August 09 -12, 2016, the Departments of Humanities and Social Sciences, Management Studies and Information Technology of NITD in Collaboration with Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) and Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII) organized the above Workshop. NITDAA has been invited to depute two successful Entrepreneurs to share their knowledge and experience with the participants. Sri Vikram Sirur of 1965 and Sri Santi Ranjan Sarkar of 1968 entry batch shared their own experiences, how they took the journey to entrepreneurship, the ups and downs, how they overcame the crises, took critical decisions, and finally brought their unit to success. The students were highly motivated which was evident from the question – answer session.

6.    Senate Member :

NITDAA has recently been requested to send the name of an alumni representative, preferably from Industry, as Invitee Member of the Senate. Apex Committee, in its meeting, has decided to nominate Sri Biswanath Bhattacharya, Graduate in Metallurgical Engineering in 1970 from the then Regional Engineering College, Durgapur, as Invitee Member to the Senate of the Institute as the alumni representative. NITDAA has expressed gratitude to the Institute authority for providing us with an opportunity to serve our beloved Institution.

7.     Centre of Excellence for  "Enhancement of Competitiveness in the Indian Capital Goods Sector" :

National Institute of Technology Durgapur is in the process of setting up a Centre of Excellence on “Manufacturing Automation & Additive Manufacturing (MAAM)” sponsored by Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises to establish a common platform for mutual benefit of the institute with the industries in the eastern zone and other zone of our country. NITDAA is working in close association with the Institute to achieve the goal.

8.      Society for Entrepreneurship and Innovation : A suggestion has been received from the Chairman of BoG, NITD to form the above Society.  Discussions were held with the Chairman on this issue earlier. Apex Committee members discussed about the issue and felt that with a large number of successful entrepreneurs from the Institute, the Committee may definitely explore the possibility of setting up of the same. A separate sub-committee is required to be set up to explore the avenues.

9.  Alumni Database :

NITDAA has undertaken the job of preparation of an Alumni Data base. It is trying to incorporate the details of alumni located all over the globe. A plan is under consideration to institute ‘Distinguished Alumni Awards’ and steps will be taken to identify the same and formulate modalities of selection.

10. New Chapter in Bangladesh :

NITDAA is keen to open Chapters in various parts of the Country & abroad.  Very recently, our very active alumni and faculty of NITD, Sri ShibenduShekhar Roy, visited Dhaka, spread the message of NITDAA and organized a meeting of the alumni located in Dhaka. The alumni members have been very enthusiastic about forming a Chapter. Our President took up the matter immediately and mailed necessary guidance for forming the Chapter. It is expected that before the Global meet, we will be able to open the Bangladesh Chapter.

11.    Benevolent Activities :

S.N. Ray Memorial Scholarship :

It has instituted two Scholarships per year for four years in the memory of our founder Principal S.N. Ray, under which two meritorious but needy students from each year are being awarded S.N. Ray Memorial Scholarship at the rate of Rs.12,000/- per annum. This Scholarship fund is generated through generous contribution from our alumnus.

Financial Assistance :

The Apex Committee of NIT Durgapur Alumni Association is always with the Alumni, present students and faculties in their time of distress. Last year, the Committee decided to extend some financial help to family of late Prosenjit Sarkar, a final year student of Electrical Engineering, who fell sick during semester examination and late in the evening left for his heavenly abode.

Medical help :

We are grateful to our fellow Alumni members from RECD/NITD as also from outside, who have come forward to help our young brother Sri Manojit Saha, 2009 graduate, who had to undergo Kidney transplantation. He has completed his three years of operation and is now doing well.

Relocation of RECD/NITD Alumni members :

NITDAA has been taking active role in relocating alumni members, helping them change jobs, relocating in new cities in India and abroad. Many alumni members have been greatly benefitted from NITDAA.

Assistance for Foreign Internship : NITDAA has extended financial support to Sri Pentyala Shiva Kumar, a Pre-final year undergraduate student from the Department of ECE for his Summer Research Internship at Cambridge University, UK during summer of 2016.

Assistance for payment of Semester fees :

NITDAA has come forward to extend financial support to Sri DebasishPramanik,a finalyear undergraduate student from the Department of ECE for payment of Academic fees of Rs.16,067.00 and Rs.15,550.00 for 7th & 8th semester respectively.

The inaugural session ended with a vote of thanks by the Secretary Sri MrinalKanti Pal. He expressed his gratitude to the Director for being present on the occasion, in spite of his busy schedule and extending all sorts of help and support to make the programme a success. He also thanked the Director for his taking initiative to handover the Office of NITDAA along with basic infrastructure in the Institute. He expressed his thanks to the Dean & Associate Dean (AIRO) for extending various support. He also thanked the retired Professors, being felicitated, some of whom have come all the way from Kolkata to attend the programme. He expressed his gratefulness to the past & present faculty members who have joined the Global Meet. The Secretary and all members present applauded the participation of 1967 pass out batch members, who have been felicitated for celebrating their Golden Jubilee during the Global Meet. He also thanked all the participating alumni and their family members for joining the Global meet. He also thanked the present students who have participated in various cultural activities during the day. He specially mentioned about the students who take initiative in the Bihari More Project for their such a great benevolent activities – and the participation of the beneficiary students of the project for presentation of the Cultural show. These apart, all the staff members of NITD who helped in making the programme a success have also been thanked.

Business Session :

The Secretary took over and conducted the Business session. The Secretary presented his Report for the year. The members present expressed their best wishes to the present Committee for carrying on activities and taking NITDAA forward. The Audited Accounts of the year 2015-16 was presented and the members approved the same. Report of activities of some Chapters were also presented.

The Convenor of the Silver Jubilee celebration batch 1987-91 Sri Jayanta Das was invited to share his experience. He expressed gratitude on behalf of their batch for extending various support to make the Silver Jubilee celebration a success.   He particularly expressed his satisfaction for the fact that their batch could come under the umbrella covering the 1965 Graduates to 2016 batch. He has volunteered to take upon himself to make as many Life members from his batch as possible.

The tenure of the present Committee ceases during this Global Meet. Sri Samir Das, 1969/Mech. was nominated Presiding Officer by the Apex Committee for conducting the Election of Office bearers of NITDAA Apex Committee. Sri Das notified the Election, 60 days in advance along with Nomination Forms. Nominations were submitted by members in due course of time. However, for a particular post only one Nomination was received and therefore, the question of Election did not arise.

The Presiding Officer then declared the following names as elected for the next Apex Committee of NITDAA (2017-19) :

President                                 Sri Mrinal Kanti Pal

Vice President                         Sri Indrajit Basak

Vice President                         Sri Asok Majumdar

Secretary                                 Sri Tarun Dutta

Joint Secretary                                    Sri Jayanta Das

Joint Secretary                                    Smt. Mou Sen

Treasurer                                 Sri Gobinda Chandra Mitra

Member                                   Sri Gopinath Haldar

Member                                   Sri Shibendu Shekhar Roy

The new members of the Apex Committee then introduced themselves. The new Committee members, under the leadership of Sri Mrinal Kanti Pal have expressed gratitude to the past committee and assured the members present that this committee will work hard along with the NITD to take NITDAA to greater height.


The 15th Global Meet ended with thanks to all participants.

Alumni database and Accreditation of academic programmes PDF Print E-mail

Dear All,

Please find pasted below a mail from Dr. P P Gupta, Dean ( Alumni, International Relations and Outreach ), NIT, Durgapur which is self-explanatory.

You may act accordingly.


Krishnendu Dasgupta ( 76ME81 )

From: parthapratim gupta < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >
Date: Fri, Apr 8, 2016 at 5:18 PM
To: Santi Ranjan Sarkar < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >

National Institute of Technology Durgapur, INDIA

Dear NITD / RECD alumni,

NIT Durgapur has started preparing a database of its alumni. Kind support from all the alumni is solicited. The database form includes detailed information of the alumni as well as their valued feedback on the Program Outcome & Program Educational Objectives. The response is urgently needed for the accreditation of its academic programs and ranking surveys.

Please click the link http://www.nitdgp.ac.in/nitdalumni/index.html .

Kindly fill in the form and register. The whole exercise is likely to take about 20 minutes (max). Please note that the Registration number and Roll No. are NOT mandatory fields.

We shall be most obliged if you kindly forward the registration request to other alumni with whom you are in contact, through email, phone, social media, etc. so that we are able to build a most comprehensive alumni database.

With best regards,

Dean (Alumni, International Relations and Outreach)

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